Subsidiary or interling?

Good afternoon everyone

I need suggestions, I have my mother company in Argentina, where I have a good growth, I was thinking of expanding to Europe and USA but where I have the operations center does not have the track length to operate large aircraft. and with the planes that could, they can not have scale. since in doing so they only leave as cargo flights due to the restriction of market permits. Example could not take off from brazil to the planned destinations
The idea would be to connect to an alternative airport outside of Buenos Aires. Except that I could make the combination with the ground transportation from the central airport to the international Ezeiza, or schedule connecting flights to the alternative airport that I have in mind.

The other option, create a subsidiary at the alternative airport outside buenos aires, Holding? Interling …?

Thank you

In which server is your airline? Do you have competitors?

If your plan is an expansion to Europe and USA you have to set a hub in a major airport (if possible, EZE). You don’t need a subsidiary to do it.

General “rules”

  1. Choose your hub
  2. Set a wave system
  3. Schedule short and medium haul flights to your hub
  4. Schedule long haul flights
  5. Sign interlining contracts with airlines in your LH destinations

Hints for Argentina

  1. There should be a strong O/D demand for some European and USA destinations, so you can consider starting your long haul flights even without thousands of departures from your hub if you don’t have competitors
  2. Check if there’s an airline in Chile. If there isn’t you can feed your flights from SCL
  3. You don’t need big widebodies to serve LH routes. You can reach USA with A321neo, Boeing 757ER or Airbus A310 (it’s a widebody but with a low-density configuration it has about 180 seats). For European destinations, you can use a Boeing 767-200(ER)

Good luck

Hi Hetalove

Thanks for the reply.

The game world of my airline is QUIMBY VII, the available aircraft are up to 767ER as the newest or 747-400.
My base airport is AEP, and I would have strong competition in EZE since there is another airline that is much bigger, and from SCL I have a flight market restriction without going through Argentina. that’s why the idea was to take international flights from COR / SACO since it is one of the airports with characteristics similar to EZE. the only drawback is that all the flights that my airline operates, all have connections with all the destinations of my airline from AEP

I do not know how the land transport network works, and I would be in doubt about how to connect these flights with EZE, or as a second option to create a focus city in COR.

What recommendation do you advise?

Very briefly I wouldn’t be looking to complicate with a 2nd hub, or go long haul. You have a hub which is only has 11 aircraft this is really really small, and can definitely be expanded.