Sudden loss of passengers for no reason?

Hey guys, so I am playing Gatow and have been playing on that server for about a month now with no problems with selling seats. Now, I am based out of SFO (San francisco, CA) along with I am sure a couple other people; I have noticed that in the past week, no one is buying seats on ANY of my aircraft, its down nearly 85%! My prices are fare with all other competitors  in fact i've lowered them and still no luck, yet everyone else's flights seem to be fully booked! Now since I have had other airlines, I figured that it is probably my staff mood right? Wrong! its low, but is improving since I am paying them much more now, but no one is buying tickets anymore! I just don't get it, it feels like the computer is choosing who can and cannot be successful in this game. Oh and btw, I have chosen routes that ALWAYS fill up with all airlines that have routes on those two locations. Anyone know what the heck is going on?!?!

uhm, what seats and service you have on board?

I have the eco seats for economy and business adv. for business class. For services, I have meals, headphones, and magazines. 

The first reason I think, is the drop of AGEX.

Secondly, your airline is bascially competing on point-to-point passengers. Your network could hardly provide any good connections.  Considering the location of SFO and the airports you are currently flying to,

 your connections won’t have a high ranking competing with others.

Also, I would suggest that, for a particular route,  you'd better distribute your flights evenly throughout the day to increase the connecting opportunities. In your flight schedule, two of your SFO-ORD flights are taking off at the same time everyday. Besides, two flights departing at the same time are actually competing with each other on the connections.

Last but not least, I would suggest you to cancel SEA-ORD flights and focus on your hub.