Suggestion - Liquidations

When a company is liquidated and I am informed about it, it sometimes takes me ages to work out which airline it is exactly (meaning where it was based and what routes we shared). That way I need to go through a cross check of all my current partners to see who’s missing in what destination.

It probably would be a useful feature if when a company is liquidated it is also noted where its Hub was - obviously in some cases it won’t be accurate as people have hubs different from what is listed but in most cases it would be helpful to the player who just lost a partner.

It shouldn’t be very hard to be implemented in the code, so please consider including such info in later patches because if a player has 100 partners it gets really hard to manage the liquidated ones.

I hope others would support the suggestion, too.

i agree depending on information of the country of the bancrupt company,

but if you have 100 IL partners i think you do something wrong

I can give you plenty of examples from any gameworld with 50+. I myself don’t have that many yet but some day maybe… Still, it would be helpful as not evey company is called "xxxx air" where xxxx stands for London or Rome etc…

The existence of such companies doesn’t disprove what chillhunter says…

I myself have only got about 20 IL partners, only 1 of which isn’t in my alliance. I only look for partners if I need them at destinations that aren’t getting enough passengers, and then only if they fulfil additional requirements.

I fail to see how this affects my suggestion.

  1. Not everyone runs their airline your way. So even if it would not affect you, it would affect many others.

and of course the off-topic stuff…

  1. As far as I know there is no "right" way of doing business in AS - there are successful airlines with next to none IL partners and successful airlines with 70-80 IL partners, it depends on the business model and preferences of the owner (I have no idea why you two decided to discuss this as I find it irrelevant to my suggestion). Saying that if you have 100 IL partners then you have failed in AS, just because you two do it this way, is not the right attitude and has nothing to do with the thread title.

Another off-topic

How do you make a signature like yours? (with the company info)

Check the announcements section.

As for the other comments, of course there are many ways in which to run your airline. I wasn’t commenting on the feature, merely on the fact that chillhunter’s statement does have truth to it: the majority of airlines that have a huge number of IL-partners have that many because they don’t look deeper into their partners’ schedules and methods. Of course you can make it work, but you have a better chance of success if you are more selective in your choice of interlining partner.

Thanks. Missed that