Suggestion No Shows

Hey guys,
i had the idea in mind that maybe we could implement “No Shows” into the game. It could work like airlines can decide if they want to overbook their flights or not and if they want to then how much. After the game will run some random Generator and somtimes the airline then has to pay a fine because it could not transport everyone and somtimes it gets lucky and it gets its palne full. This could make it more challenging to play. If people have any ideas on this feature or any other feature which is realsitic like a plane breaking or similiar. The target i have is to implement something into the game which isnt prdictable so big airlines can also get into problems again and maybe fall but also small people. I also know that adding features into the game has been slwoed down in the past because of a shift in focus. Therfore i would suggest that maybe the team around martin could recruit members of the community who are able to code and plan features and implement. This team would only work for the honor so that it is actually possible to do.

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You started with No Shows, which would maybe be that someone books the flight but then your SLF drops last minute because the flight cannot be filled that short term, which would also be interesting. How late does the pax get to cancel? 24h to allow for an OD booking cycle to take over those seats?. Then proceed to talk about a different mechanism in the overbook, which can be a percent of seats sold above capacity, but if you cannot transport them then the flight compensation will be done like the cancellations now, where you refund not just that segment but also all that itinerary. Yes, it’d make it interesting, but unfortunately I think this also comes to the dynamism of the game when you grow - an airline with thousands of planes will not even bother with the overbooks because they simply have no time or desire to micromanage at that point anymore. There’s a reason ASES was done and is widely used, it’s just not worth doing manual inventories and adjustments past certain degrees. I used to spend a whole Saturday sometimes doing them. Not fun for me. And that was when my airline was half the size it is now. Now I would not do inventory without such help and presets.

If anything, I know that we talked about the refundability and cancel ability when booking classes were pursued, so I’m not sure it can (or Frankly should) be implemented without that launching as a whole.

No shows yes, I think it might make it fun, but of course the pattern must be small and random as to not murder smaller carriers but also to give time for say an underserved route when a pax will take that no show seat solely because of the demand in that city pair, in a 24hr cycle. Some sort of rating (maybe slf or even just pax image) should be able to determine some sort of reduction in people who regret the purchases on a range.

As for the overbooks, who’d actually implement it? It just sounds like a losing bet, to gamble on no shows, because there’s no other way that flights like that will get the pax transported unless some sort of roll over system is implemented, because otherwise it’s just like asking for penalties on your image as you’ll have unhappy pax on a constant calculated basis, which rules out about 3/4 of people on old ORS automatically.
And if the rules around refunds continue the way they are it’s a guaranteed money loser for the airline. This of course would have to receive some update to make the prospect of overbooking even slightly enticing. I think it has to have a whole host of equally-unnecessary features for an overbook to work correctly, and then it becomes a whole unnecessary patch when I believe grievances with this game that garner wider support and urgency to fix, have been aired on various platforms and occasions.