Summer and Winter time

Many countries has summer and winter time and it will be more realistic if that would be add in the game. (My opinion)

In what terms? Traffic wise or time zone?

Maybe both, but i prefer time zone.

Ok, thats why I checked before answering. Technically I believe at the moment it is a lot of work. As time of the day does not really effect passenger traffic patterns then it would really be more of a comfort feature rather than something that will make a difference. So effectively a lot of work for no real gain...

It is already a nightmare for airlines and also other companies in RL. I assume that it would be a nightmare for AS with the limited ressources and the value of it would be zero.

In addition, airlines would have to rearrange their flight plans at all airports with night time ban.

I know…

Imagine how busy network planners are at,

For example, KLM?

Combine it with different countries adopting summer/winter times at different times