Sunbeam Aircorp. Financial Department

We, the Financial Department of the Sunbeam Aircorporation, are searching some shares of following companies:

  • [b]Balboa Lineas Aereas /b

2,144 shares at 1,312.68 AS$ each

  • Batavia Express (BEX)

7,750 shares at 452.35 AS$ each

  • [b]China Shuttle /b

2,000 shares at 542.55 AS$ each (will be adjusted)

  • [b]Indonesian Wings /b

4,000 shares at 201.50 AS$ each (will be adjusted)

  • Yunnan Red Airlines (YNR)

801 shares at 524.90 AS$ each (will be adjusted)

I control the prices of any company I hold shares in in high ratios and will be offering good prices. Don’t be shy to contact me if you want to sell shares - also other shares with good performance are allowed to offer me!

Also I give a guarantee for good trade! ;)

Have a nice day.