Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

The new update mechanism I was talking about previously is more or less ready. I’m now in the process to prepare the next patchday to version 1.5.18.

As I want to ship this long overdue update as fast as possible (hopefully sometime this week) I only put one single additional thing on the to-do list: A slight rework of the "relation statistics system".

It’s the main statistics component of AirlineSim that’s used to generate reports about loads on relations - thereby the name - and basically all other reports that have something to do with load factors and transfer stats. The big problem of this system is the humongous amount of data it generates. A grown server generates several gigabytes of data within just a few weeks and generating reports out of this dataset can take forever. There’s not too much one can do about this - it’s just the nature of this kind of statistics - but some optimizations can be applied nonetheless. I’ve spent several days trying to figure out where optimizations are possible and I think I found a few. There sure is more that can be done, but for the moment I guess I’ve reached a decent compromise between “hours invested” and “performance gained”.

The update will require some more thorough testing over the coming days. As soon as we’re ready for a release you’ll read it here.

And some information from the airports arround the panama channel ;)

ICAO Code added for Bocas del Toro, Changuinola, Chitre, El Porbenir, La Palma and Puerto Obaldia

Slots fixed for David and Panama City Paitilla

Nightime Ban added at Bocas del Toro

Runway length fixed for David, Panama City Paitilla and Ustupo

Jetways added in Panama City Tocumen

passenger/cargo number updated for Bocas del Toro, Changuinola and Panama City Tocumen

As always - will be updated on the current game server within the next few days.

Unfortunately it is really difficult to receive information about some airports. Some of them are even not known by Google. We have do decide what to do with these airports in the future. At the momen we keep them on their current data. If someon has some reliable and good ressources for Panama airports, feel free to contact our support.

As usual, it only affects new game worlds, but the change should be communicated either way.

What does "new" game worlds mean? Game worlds, which are until now non existent?! …

Yes, that’s exactly what it means: Future game worlds.

Current game worlds should not be affected by changes that impose physical restrictions (night time flying ban, decrease in amount of slots, etc.)

hm, ok thanks … as long as you find a way to install the new aircraft performance system on the ‘new’ game world Stapleton, I won’t complain! …

That’ll be an entirely new version, rather than just an update on the current version of AirlineSim. It’s still far too early to tell how things will work out for that.

I just don’t understand that!!! … No new performance = no new airplanes. In this, we agree. But as for the same reason, there must be the feeling of urgency and a concrete plan to install the performance system / current aircrafts on - at least - the very young server Stapleton!!!

How are we supposed to install an unfinished feature with incomplete data on any server?

We will roll out the new performance system as soon as it’s done, but it’s a huge pile of work and it will take some time.

Fully understandable martin!

But TimS doubted my request that the system shall be installed on existing servers, which would be an absolute desaster imo!

So if you guys promise to do what you can, bringing the perf. system / "new" flying aircrafts online, I promise to be a nice and enduring customer and loving supporter of this / my fevourite game!


No, I didn’t. What I said is, it’s too early to know if the new system will be compatible with the old data. If it’s not, then there are two options: 1) keep the current game worlds on the old AS-version, er 2) reset the game worlds to get the new version.

Again, it’s too early to tell what will happen. Maybe we can find a way to convert the old aircraft to the new system and everything will be fine. There’s still a lot of uncertainty in this, so we can’t promise anything either way. It would only lead to disappointment if it turns out we can’t fulfill the promise after all. So, just be patient and wait until we know more. I’m sure we’ll let the community know more about what will happen when we have a clearer picture.

As a huge amount of the players don’t know anything about the procedure of a ‘reset’ I’d be glad to understand how the result of a reset would look like. I am referring to (i.e.) money, planes, flightplans…

A reset would basically mean everyone starts from 0 again, meaning everything you achieved so far will be gone.

It’s unlikely that a reset happens either way, so the two realistic options are the following:

  1. All servers can and will be updated to the new version

  2. Only new servers get the new version, with the old servers running on the older version (with limited support).

I think there was more information in the Round-Up from after the AS Convention. Look it up if you want to know more about the future of AirlineSim.

And to repeat it once again - there is no decission made right now and it’s not foreseeable which of the options it might be at the end!