Suspected of cheating

After each purchase of shares profit, will sell the stock to a new company, then the new company will immediately reset.

So that he can through the stock exchange, continuous access to capital.

Please check the company’s operations.

Thank you

Please report this at This is not the right place to post these kind of things.

this player is using multi-accounts to trade stocks against the rules

example: The player trade stocks between "baiyun Airlines" and "Southern Europa Enterprise“ at 18th, he/she then reset the company of "Southern Europa Enterprise". However, the exact company come back alive at 19th and buy stocks from the other company.

As Benjamin said, please send this problem to the support at t

These things should not be discussed in the forum ;)

That mailbox seems a problem.I have sent three e-mail but did not receive a reply (in the past, they will return soon).So I wrote down here.

In addition, I have seen some people discussing other players in here.

Please, try it again (later) to mail. We don’t want cheatings suspections in the forums.