Suspicious Purchases

Someone has been buying up all of my planes, restarting their enterprise and then buying more of my planes. No idea who the guy is or why he's doing it, but he's been buying them all - am I being setup? Is there anyway to undo this? I sent a message to support right away when I saw this morning that he had been doing this all night.

You send the mail two hours ago and please note that we have weekend ;) I will look at this as soon as possible.

Hi SK,

I understand, I was just looking for some feedback from other users, maybe this has happened before or someone knows what's going on. The money won't be spent until I hear back from you so there's no hurry, enjoy your weekend!

Edit: just saw your email, thank you for the quick response.

I am curious about what the final decision was regarding this situation.

The player has been contacted and kindly asked for the intention respectivly to keep an airline and not restarting it unnecessarly - so far that's all for the moment.