Suspicious stock trades


It seems fairly obvious something fishy is going on on stock market. Not to mention any particular airlines, even a very quick glance on shareholder structure and recent trades of at least few fairly big companies show a lot of activity going on between parent holdings and fake beings like “Southern Europa Enterprises”, which then reset returning their portfolio’s to AS Holding. As I said very fishy for my liking. Is anyone from staff looking into those kind of activities?

Report the companies in question and I’m sure the team will look into it

Hm… the stock market is public. There is nothing wrong in posting a message here that says:

"Airline X bought 100.000 shares when Airline Y did it’s IPO.

The next day Airline X sold those 100.000 shares to it’s new subsidiary Z.

One hour later subsidiary Z was deleted."

As long as you don’t accuse Airline X of cheating :P

I guess these are the same guys who used to support each other’s IPO by creating a temporary holding. Now that new holdings cannot support an IPO, they use another trick to give each other extra money… and then pass the bill to AS. It must be very frustrating for the AS-team to have to waste their time by chasing these guys.

A little bit of peer pressure is not a bad thing in these cases.


I for one would like play a world without the stock market. Its really just not necessary.

Please, send us an email with the details to and we´ll have a look at it.


I tried several times to send mail.Perhaps you have not received.Click here for

Today, the "Southern Europe" reset again.Prepare for the next operation, if you do not make a difference.

There´s no problem with the ticket system. We have not recrived any mail from you. Perhaps it´s a problem with your ISP oder mail provider?

This does seem a bit fishy since there are a handful of companies in MEiGS who seem to just get larger and larger everyday. I just dont get how they can get so large so fast verse everyone else who do the same thing as those other players, just saying that things dont seem to be right…hope you guys can fix it! :)

oh, I do know what you guys were talking about before when it came to the stock market cheating thing.

I have sent e-mail from two mailbox (gmail, and Company E-mail), but I have not received a reply …

Not even a ticket-number?