Svalbard: A New Private Gameworld

Hello fellow Airlinesimmers,

Hans82 and I have already spoken about a new potential gameworld in another topic, but now we made some real plans and I am excited to share that with you.

First, the name. We will call the new Gameworld Svalbard. This is the Norwegian island which contains the most northern airport in the world. It sounds nice, is easy to remember and it is related to Aviation.

Second, the settings.
Dynamic turnaround times: On
Nighttime ban: Off
Ground network: On
Double slots: On
Used aircraft: On. Only modern planes with a maximum age of 7 years will be available on the used aircraft market.
Interlining with your own companies: On
Real airline names: On, but we really stimulate being creative with your airline name
IPO: Off
Traffic rights: On

Third: The amount of money you begin with.
We have decided that all players start with 30 million. That would make a good start possible, but still be legitimate and not overpowered.

Fourth: The amount of holdings.
All players are allowed to have three holdings in the beginning of Svalbard. This limit will go up once we are further in the game.
There only should be one holding per airport.
In the Eu, USA and China you are only allowed to have one holding.
Each holding may have two subsidiaries, but those two subsidiaries have to be in the same country as the holding. Also, a subsidiary may be found at an airport where another holding is already based. For example: You have a holding in Frankfurt. You may have a subsidiary in Munich (where in this example another airline is based), Berlin Tegel or any other German airport you like, as long as you have max two subsidiaries. Also, this means that when you are based in Frankfurt, you cannot open a subsidiary in any other Eu country, so no subsidiary in Vienna, Zurich, Brussel or anywhere abroad.
You may not open a holding at a (smaller) airport where you will not fly from. So, opening a holding at Niederrhein in Germany and creating a subsidiary at Frankfurt so you can fly from there is not allowed.

Fifth: The price.
The price will be 20-15 euros, depending on the amount of people who will join Svalbard. The first payment should be for three months, so 60-45 euros. The fourth month will be 20-15 euros each month.

If you are still interested, we would ask you to write down your top 8 hubs you would like to operate from. Post that in the comments. Hans and I have a spreadsheet with a list of everyone who wants to join. Once we have enough members, we will fairly hand out the airports so everyone will have hubs they like.

If the server opens, you will have to start in one week. If you don’t your reservations will be cancelled and others can change their hubs to one of yours. If you have a good reason why you can’t start in one week, we will make an exception of course.

We have to tell that the minimum amount of people have to be 18. If we receive this number, we will buy the server. If we don’t reach that, we most likely will not continue with Svalbard. So please, join us :upside_down_face:

We already have three members, so we need fifteen from now.

If you have any questions, please ask us. We are always ready to answers.

Hans and Julius

I’m still interested to join if you start a new world.
My TOP-Hubs:

I have set you on the list and your top 8 is now in our spreadsheet :+1:t3:

Status: We are now at 4/18

Update: We are now at 6/18

I want to join too.

My top HUBs:


Update: We are now at 8/18


I want to join your game world too :slight_smile:

My top Hubs would be:
PPT (It’s small, but I like it…)

Update: We are now at 9/18. Also, a change of a rule will be announced soon

Update: We had te rule that you have to create subsidiaries to operate from (max 2) other national airports. We changed that:
You may open two subsidiaries per enterprise for a regional airline and/or freight airline.
You must have 75% of your flights being operated from your main hub if you want to open another hub (max 2 other hubs) in the same country. This applies to the big three regions (China, the USA and the EU).
In other countries, you are allowed to operate from two other (3 in total) hubs as soon as you wish. However, this is only allowed if you are the only airline in that country. So, when we distribute the airports, you will also hear if this is possible for your airline.
When your airline is based in a country from the big three regions (China, the USA and the EU) or in another country where two airlines are based, you may open a second hub after two weeks. After four weeks, you are allowed to open your third and last hub.
We hope you will like this changes.



I would be interested to join.
My top airports are:

thank u.

Hello, I would be interested.
Top airports

Well i read the rules, but not sure if i missed something. Just correct me please when somethings wrong.

  1. FCO
  2. EWR
  3. GIG
  4. LIS
  5. MNL
  6. SFO
  7. DEL
  8. MUC

Update: we are now at 12/18.

Update: we are now at 13/18.

Hi, i am very interested. :blush:

My favourite HUB‘s:









Update: We are now at 14/15.
Yes, the mark is now 15; let me explain:
We decided to start the world with 15 man since everyone is really hyped about Svalbard and thank you all for that! The 15 man mark will be the moment we will order the world. There are several days between the day of order and day of going live, so we expect that others will join than too. So, when we receive the message the world is ready, we calculate the price by dividing 360 with the amount of people. That means when nobody applied in the meantime that the price will be 24 euro’s a month ( multiply by 3 because the first payment is for the first three months, airlinesim rules). With everyone new man joining Svalbard, this price will be lowered.
We informed everyone who has applied about this and the ones who responded, agreed witht this idea.
Also the airport distribution will be announced after the gameworld is ready.

For people who want to apply: just rank your top 8 from top to bottom, you don’t have to do it per continent, thank you.


Ok, in this let me be your number 15 :slight_smile:
A few days ago i already applied once but canceled my application again. This is because i liked to start as soon as possible on an exclusive server. Now i am playing there and makes so much more fun than the public ones, I would love to join this NEW server as well.

My favourite Airports for the first three Holdings are
1st FRA
2nd SYD
3rd LHR
4th MIA
5th JFK
6th LAX
7th GRU
8th DXB

PS: Will we have a whatsapp group where we all can comunicate and help eachother? :slight_smile:

Then again my ranking with my favorite HUB :blush:


Hi there,

I am Josh from Germany and I am also intrested in joining a private gameworld like this. If possible i would like to join and here are my favorite hubs:


Looking forward to hear from you.

Update: We are now at 12/15. We start as soon as the 15th man has applied.