Swisslines / SR Airlines 5 years celebration Aspern

Swisslines was founded on 16th of June 2016.
In honor of 5 years of operations, Swisslines painted several 737-9’s in special colors.

Currently used livery:

‘‘Retro style livery’’ since April 2021

‘‘modern livery’’ since June 2021

‘‘Global Excellence livery’’

5 years specials:

5 years Logo:

Retro liveries:

predecessor of Swisslines livery 2016

livery used between 2016-summer 2018

livery used in summer 2018-2019

livery used in 2019

livery used Fall 2019- April 2021

Cross Switzerland - flying together with Swisslines livery:


Congrats mate! Cheers to another 5 years.


WoW super liverys - Would annyone do some for me?