Taiyuan should be a transferable airport

Hi everybody,

     My suggestion is change TYN to a transferable airport.

     Firstly, TYN transfer 7.9M pax last year. It is a hub for Hainan Airlines and China Eastern Airlines.

    Secondly, TYN is the capital of the province and it is located at the center of Shanxi Province. travelers from small airports of Datong, Yuncheng and Changzhi fly to Taiyuan to travel to other cities, such as HKG, MFM, ICN.

     That is my suggestion.

I agree, http://community.airlinesim.aero/topic/8855-why-so-many-transfer-airports-in-taiwan/.

If you find some airports where you are sure, that they should be a transfer airport, please report it to support@airlinesim.aero. We will check this and if we are the same opinion can make it a transfer airport for new game worlds.