Taurus Airline's Updates

Taurus Airline is pleased to announce we are meeting expectations set forth by our CEO. We have added new Aircraft types to our fleet the CRJ which will be flown on routes that our Airbus’s can not fly profitable currently. And DH8 to fly to destinations with smaller runways.

I am always a proponent of IPO's ;) However, my wealth isn't big enough for me to be able to invest yet :(

Aaron it wouldn’t be for a couple of weeks if I do decide to IPO.

Financial Trouble for Taurus Airline’s?

CEO states “We are a financially secure and profitable airline for now but we mistakenly ordered aircraft right before or employee’s received their weekly settlements. Our accounting department has taken full responsibility as he was on vacation and didn’t crunch the numbers correctly.”

More CRJ’s entering the fleet after sending a few A320’s back to the leasing company. Tim said at this time they are not the right fit for our long term plan’s. And due to the turnaround time the CRJ will help with adding additional flights to key destinations within chile to assist our partners and ourselves with more connections.

I would fire everyone in the accounting department if I were you ;).

I thought about it but the old man in accounting relies on his paycheck to supplement his social security.

What happened to my flight?

Many Taurus passengers had the same question over the past few days when they had checked on their flight.

According to a spokesman for Taurus, he said “over the past couple of days Taurus has completely revamped our flight schedule to provide better connections to many of our destinations. We now offer flights that arrive/depart every three hours to many destinations.”

As for the customers effected by the revamp they will be placed on a different flight with the option to upgrade for free and those who have had their flight cancelled due to no flights to their destination will receive a full refund and round trip tickets to any Taurus destination.

Taurus is going MAD

Today Taurus announced they have added a new route to Madrid, Spain. The new route will be flown three times a week by a recently acquired 747 with 3 cabin configurations.

“For a limited time if you book a flight to Madrid your return flight is on us” says Taurus CEO Tim

More flights to various destinations are planned over the next week as well as additional flights to already served destinations.

Taurus bringing the world to Santiago.