TEGEL MAX: New private server

Hi every one.

We are coming with the idea to create a private server called TEGEL MAX (More Attractive Xperience)

Now there are 19 of us (the maximum number on the server is 25). And we send 6 people.

The rules with which we are going to start are as follows.

1.“Real airlines EXCLUSIVELY, fictitious are not allowed. (I already scared some players away but wait we can find a solution if you still want a fictitious company or something)”.

2.Start-up money: 75 million for the development of the holding (with the exception of low-cost companies, this is described below)

3.A maximum of 8 holdings and an unlimited number of subsidiaries are allowed. Any country, no more than 1 holding in one country. Maximum 3 holdings in the EU

4.Subsidiary company:

  • You are developing a real holding as in the real world. You can open subsidiaries within your holding (for example, Lufthansa creates Eurowings, Germanwing, Lufthansa Cargo, or LATAM creates LATAM Brazil, then LATAM Peru, etc.)
  • Each holding company can create one low-cost company in the country of registration, freight or regional (if there are no such companies in a real holding, for example, the American company JetBlue will create a freight company)
  • Countries with permitted foreign investment. Its a large list (over 100 countries). The server settings will allow creating subsidiaries anywhere in the world (as in the public Domination server) and the only restrictions are our list of such countries.

5.EU Treaty.
It will be allowed, BUT! it will be allowed to fly ONLY to domestic markets and back, for example if you own airBaltic then you have to fly from Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, if you own Swiss you can only create routes from Switzerland. Exceptions are low-cost companies. Read below

6.Lowcost rules and restrictions.

  • If a player at Tegel decides that the person would like to give it a try with the low-cost concept then this is an option but there are the following rules within the low-cost company category, example that you MUST and CAN make use of the open skies agreement in europe.
  • In Europe and the USA, the use of BAR 9 and 10 airports must be kept to a minimum AND if there is a secondary airport (eg Skavsta for Stockholm or Beauvais for Paris, these airports should preferably be used. This is to keep the main hubs available for network companies, you must however, like to operate in BAR 9/10 airports with your low-cost airline BUT there is a limit to 1750 weekly flights and a maximum of 250 departures per day so you decide the destinations within these 250 daily departures.
  • Low cost airlines do NOT have the option to open HUB in BAR 9/10 airports besides London Gatwick which is a big low cost HUB in the real world and can be disposed of if it is for example an airport like Amsterdam and it is Transavia you want to open or Barcelona and Vueling.
  • Low-cost airlines can only fly in economy class. Can use no more than 2 types of aircraft servicing (e.g. AirAsia A320 series + A330 / A340 series or as Norwegian B737 series + B787 series).
  • Low-cost airline at the start turns out 100 million if it is from the EU, 125 million from other countries of the world.

7.Setup, as mentioned above, the setup without nighttime ban, and old planes is allowed. NOTE: These are planes that have been in production after 1995

8.Payment that must of course be contributed and it will be monthly payment of 20-23 euros per month. The exact amount will depend on the number of players. We will also have a reserve fund and sometimes a month of play will be free.

9.A little about us, our team of consists of several active players. In total, we have about 19 regular players. We are all from different parts of the world: Denmark, Germany, USA, Great Britain, China, Korea, Philippines, Russia, Latin America, Kuwait, Ukraine, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries. We have a chat in discord where we all communicate and the rules are published there. We are also thinking about creating a group in WhatsApp.

  1. Choice of airlines. Before the restart, we had many different companies, each existing/ current player is allowed to take 1 brand with them. The rest will be distributed in a fair auction. And you still have the opportunity to get super hubs and super brands.
    ! With such rules in hand, you can build your aviation empire

We are looking forward to hearing from potential players for this project and we will start

If you have any questions or want to join, write to us in discord -
https://discord.gg/CyEKche22K or right here (or better a private message)

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5 places left. very interesting rules on the server. do not miss the opportunity to join at the start!

Update update.

Three (3) slots left. All aboard please!

Guys, we have 2 places left. The server will be launched today or tomorrow. There is 1 draft of the choice of airlines. Hurry up to join. Very interesting rules and friendly line-up of players.

There are 2 locations on the server. Launch today. The sooner you join, the more choice of airlines you will have.

Guys, we have one more place. One player does not get in touch. So YOU can take his place

fully booked

We have one more place on the server! Join us!