Tempelhof backlog

This topic has already probably been covered, but all the posts are in German so I don’t understand any of it.

My flights on the Tempelhof server are seriously lagging behind. What should have taken off at 6am has still not left the gate, it’s now 4pm HT. Is it just me?


The essential Quotes from: http://community.airlinesim.aero/topic/1074-was-ist-mit-tempelhof-los/

i hope this helps.

Sounds good enough for me, hopefully you’ll be able to figure it out.



a Martin says… a short and unsatisfying answer ;)

The worrying thing is that the delay seems to increase. Yesterday the server was 5 or 6 hours behind. At this moment the server is 10 hours behind.

But hey, shit happens. I am sure Martin will be able to figure out what is going on and I am curious to learn the reason.



This problem is becoming a little bit annoying as i’m currently unable to expand my fleet due to the uncertain cash flow on Templelhof. When can we expect a fix for this server ?


Looks like the backlog is starting to recover as the delay has reduced…