Tempelhof down again ?



I am not able to access Tempelhof... is the server down again ?



The host of Tempelhof and Fornebu did indeed go down again shortly after I went to bed last night. So we didn't notice until this morning...sorry about that. No idea why it went down yet, either. But things at our provider seem to be a bit chaotic since yesterday.


Something is still not working right now.

On the Status page, there is now no more delay,

but there is no leasing payment since Thursday evening 22:43.

Now it is Friday Morning 8.58

And also Flights are still open since this time


Does anyone else see such issues on Tempelhof? Sounds strange to me and shouldn't happen that way. Delayed passenger bookings, yes. But everything else should be done in time when the status says it's done.



planes that were scheduled to take off after midnight, are still "booked". Planes that were flying when the server crashed, are still "inflight".



Internal error --> when i try to cancel a flight, and the same with asset management



the same happened to me when I tried to cancel a flight that was still listed as "booked". Mind you, the flight should have taken off during the night (after the server crashed).

No new flights are entered into the system. The latest flights were booked yesterday evening around 21:30 (server time). I mean flights for the evening of the 27th. At this moment we should already see flights listed that will fly on monday morning the 28th.




Hm, strange. Will look into it.


Seems like there was an important table (the one for financial bookings oO) with a corruption of its primary key. So essentially, no action causing a transaction in accounting would succeed. I was able to restore the index and the log output looks fine now. But please check whether the situation is returning to normal on your end as well.


Hi Martin,

last night flights have landed, and new flights appear on the flight lists. Seems okay to me now.

Have a quiet and undisturbed weekend  ;-)



Seems to be back to normal.



Everything is now fine. THX