Terminal by mistake

I'm a newbie, and have accidently built two terminals costing half of my money (5m), big ooops!!!

Is there anyway out of this?

Unfortunately there is no way :(

How can you build a terminal by mistake???!

Because it was my first day and I thought you had to build something for your offices.

Can I sell it, or maybe share it with some other airlines?

The best way is to restart your airline

You may offer it to other airlines and make the ground handling services for them.

If its only your first day in the game, you should just restart your airline. I suppose your planes are not even flying yet, so in the end you will lose nothing with this reset.

So how can I offer it to other airlines?

So how can I offer it to other airlines?

Go to the Office Page of Airport where terminal is built and have a look under Ground Services or Buildings and Contracts. From one of them you will be able to set up an offer for other airlines.

Do keep in mind, that it is very unlikely you are going to make profits which would warrant 5Mil AS$ investment, therefore I'm with the other guys - since you just started your airline, it would be best to reset and use that money to get some planes instead.