Terminal for daughter company?

Do the game rules allow for a holding or mother company to build a cargo or pax terminal, which is then used by a stock-listed daughter company?

If it is allowed, would this be helpful to the daughter? I understand the working of terminals and understand that due to their cost they can only really be afforded later in the game, but would it make a difference for a small startup to have access to a terminal to boost ratings?

There is no problem with leasing terminals to anyone but your second holding structure. Within the same holding, you can lease terminal to any of your listed or private companies at -30% to +30% price.

No it is not advisable to start building terminals unless you have couple of hundred million AS$ in the bank. The money is better spent on expansion. I would rather recommend boosting your company image and offering good seats and service to boost ratings, instead of terminals. Also, terminals only affect business and first class ratings on short and medium haul flights. They do affect overall image, though. But building terminals is not such a good idea until you grow to a certain size.

If you have the kind of cash to build a terminal you would be much better off investing that into your daughter company in the first place and forgo the IPO.