Terminal Transparency

I wanted to bring a concern up regarding terminal buildings built under ground services. Is it possible to display the full capacity of the facility, like the quality of the building? I feel like there would be no downside to seeing the full capacity (and we already see the full scope of quality), regardless of if there’s any open room - instead of shielding that off, and forcing competitors to add up notifications (if they’re even still visible) to figure out the true scape of the terminal?
I don’t know, just a thought. Haven’t seen anyone say anything about this.

Would be nice to know, but why do you want to know that. Interessting is the fact if a competitor has a terminal and the service quality of the building. And this information you already have, the capacity shouldn’t have any effect to your decisions.
But you are right, theres no downside, but also no positive effect.

I personally think it would have the benefit of knowing what you’re ‘truly’ facing, simply from a competition gauge purpose.

Like you said, no downside for showing it (we already are forced to reveal every single thing we do) and no benefit in hiding it. Could be a quick and easy UI fix without affecting the current game (eg operations) at all.