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Texas Western was started on 12/25/2013 in Dallas,TX (DAL) to provide Texas and the Southwestern portion of the U.S. an alternative with excellent service.

Our passengers have the ability to fly anywhere in the U.S. with our outstanding Partners which we believe have giving us a chance to become who we are today.  

Texas Western has gone through a massive flight rescheduling over the last few days so we did have an extreme amount of flights cancelled but the good news is all flights are planned to restart 5/29/14. So we would like to apologize to our customers for any inconvenience.

To our partners we have also closed very poor preforming routes and added capacity to other routes to add better connections.  

Sincerely Tim


Texas Western


Texas Western Hits 1 Possibly 2 Milestones on June,25,2014

June 25 we will be celebrating our 6 month milestone's, they are as follows:

1. 6 months since a dreamer started an airline at Dallas Love Field called Texas Western

2. 2 million passengers have flown with us

"To some this may not be a huge accomplishment, but for me its a great day knowing we have made it this far. And hopefully with many more months ahead! I hope other CEO's don't mind me expressing my achievements, And to our faithful passengers we will be offering courtesy meals on all our flights that day." said Tim in a press conference today    


Texas Western has returned to the city of Dallas.

We are pleased to be back in Dallas, After we sold Texas Western back in 2014ish we missed flying out of Dallas Love so when we noticed recently that our original Texas Western was no longer operational and there was a void in Dallas. We decided to return using our original name. we have 540 weekly departures from DAL to many North American destinations starting Dec 19th using CRJ 100/200 and Boeing 737’s. So book your flight today! Said CEO Tim

being a startup airline we are currently looking for a graphic designer to help with our logo we can pay using our courtesy peanuts

Texas Western

Flying you there through Love!


Over the past few weeks our plain white 737-200’s have been flying to/from many North American destinations prompting many conspiracy theories about the government planning something huge in Dallas, therefore we have decided to give an interview to clear things up says the spokesman for Texas Western.

Our plane’s are currently still all white due to our design department only able to afford smartphones. We are hoping that we might possibly have a design in the near future if not we will definitely have one within a couple of months.

We have been in negotiations with Boeing and should be able to begin the uprade process within the next few weeks. We are also looking into CRJ’s for those airport’s that can’t fill 737’s.

When asked about future hubs Tim said “we have no plan’s to add new hubs to our network anytime in the foreseeable future.”

Texas Western

Flying you there through Love!


Texas Western begins our fleet upgrade

We now have 737-600/700 & 800’s that have joined our fleet as promised to our flight crews and passengers. For now we will continue to operate the 737-200’s that have been replaced by newer aircraft. the 737-200’s will now fly “less than ideal airports” to search out new routes.

When asked by the flight crews who will be piloting the newer aircraft the CEO said this “well it won’t be Bob who flew to LAX when he was supposed to be flying to BUF”

One of our Two 707’s will be released today being replaced by the 737-700 the other 707 will be replaced within a week or so.

Texas Western

Flying you there through Love!


Thanks to an outside graphics team (KayJay) we can finely put the conspiracies to rest we now have a logo to put on our aircraft’s.



The rumors about us using aliens ? to pilot our aircraft is false! What people saw was Bob (yes he’s short) who happened to get ashes on him while cleaning out our BBQ pit after the party we had for the employees to celebrate our 500,000 passenger’s that have flown with us.

The upgrade process is moving in the right direction as we now have more new/newer aircraft.

We are looking for IL partner’s for International flights for our passengers looking to travel outside the 737’s flight range.


Texas Western is pleased to announce we have surpassed 2 million passengers since our first flight.

We are still growing with over 2500 weekly departures from our only hub (DAL). With the success of our flight to London we have added new flights to Tokyo,Lima and Paris.

Domestic flights have also been successful we have added new/newer aircraft to many destanations, as well we have added more capacity to many of those destanations. Texas Western is one state away from serving all of the continental US.


We are pleased to announce we now have a website for Texas Western.


any questions, comments or found issues with site please let me know thanks.

We have the following milestones to report

1. Over 4 Million passengers (that is a little over 3 times the population of Dallas*)

2. Over 3000 weekly departures, we will be adding more US destinations from DAL within the next few weeks.

3. Over 200 flying aircraft, 98.14%** of our fleet is some sort of variate of the 737

*as of 2016

**as of 4/1/2018


Love the realistic packages on the website. Great job!


Love the realistic packages on the website. Great job!

Thank you 


was a CRJ 1000 spotted landing at Dallas Love Field with the Texas Western Logo?

Yes it was! we will began using the 6 newer CRJ1000's on a limited basis to see how they perform compared to our aging 737-200 fleet if they perform to our needs we will add more CRJ's to routes that can not fill a 737.

if not we will look into using something else.

with our growth getting to a point we are happy with, we can now focus on our plans to get newer 737's to replace many of the 737-200's


Texas Western is approaching a huge milestone 10 million passengers. so Texas Western will be offering vouchers for a free inflight meal (soft drink not included) on our newest flights to Rome and Frankfurt for a limited time. 

Where did the CRJ's go? we decided to cancel the leases on the six CRJ's because we can!  :P  Texas Western started out as an all Boeing fleet and we have decided to try to keep it that way.

We have added two new 787-10 to our fleet to service Rome & Frankfurt, we also plan on reaching out to the country's of Chile and possibly Argentina in the near future.

Texas Western is looking for beneficial IL partners within Europe. 


Texas Western is pleased to announce we have upgraded 1/4th of our aging 737-200's, by doing so we have cut the average age of our fleet in half our fleet overhaul is still underway. We have released some of the 737's which can be bought or leased and will continue to add more to the market over time. We decided to keep some of the 737's for our newest project Texas Western Connect. what is TWC? TWC is an airline based in Dallas along with our main carrier TWA, however TWC will only operate to smaller sized airports. CEO Wilma Legrowback said "hopefully the two airlines will complement each other and provide the service Texans expect." she also mentioned the project will begin with smaller airports from the Mississippi westward and if we see any chance of this airline taking off we plan on adding more smaller airports and CRJ's to our network/fleet expanding to the east coast. 


We have the following milestones to report

1. Over 16 Million passengers (that is about the population of Cambodia*)

2. Almost over 4,000 weekly departures from Dallas Love 

3. Over 300 aircraft, roughly 95% of our fleet is some sort of variate of the 737 

What happened to Texas Western Connection?

CEO Wilma Legrowback said today that TWC didn't take off as planned "We started the new airline only to discover it was pointless as we could service the same locations with TWA".

How is the fleet upgrade going?

We have surpassed 80% of the 737-200 upgrade process and are just about done. We have also started to add the CRJ family into our growing fleet to service smaller airports.

*according to online publications 


1. Texas Western has finally accomplished our 737-2/3/4 upgrade and now have an fleet age average of 4.5 years.

What does this mean for TW? It means we can now focus all of our resources on purchasing new aircraft to increase frequency on select routes, and adding new routes.

2.We are also pleased to announce we have made the top 20 passenger airline within North America. 

3.with are latest destination Saginaw,MI we have connected all 4 bar airports within the continental US to our hub. we will began to explore possible expansion into airports within the 3 bar range within the next few weeks.

4.what happened to our website?

Our IT department tripped over an extension cord that was plugged into the server and unplugged it and now they cant figure out how to plug it back in. (due to lack of actual time real life, I decided to shut it down)   


Today we had a chance to sit down and ask the founder of Texas Western a few questions regarding his airline and future projects.

Do you plan on establishing new hubs for TW in the future?

We have no reason to even ponder such an idea, we are enjoying our success with our hub at DAL, and with our great partners we don't see the need to expand outside of DAL.

Do you plan on adding new IL partners?

we always look to see if new partners outside the US will benefit us as well as them.

You say there's no need to expand outside of DAL but you have recently started a new airline called Texas Western Cargo.

TWC is not an expansion to TW as they offer two different services, we noticed a void at a neighboring airport here in the metroplex and we decided to give cargo a try, something that's completely new to me.

What's next for TW if no new hubs are planned?

as always we try to provide our customers with ontime nonstop flights within US and we will continue to look into possibly reaching every airport with demand.

I know this is old news but you broke into the top 20 within North America how do you feel and what's next?

We had been planning with the city of Dallas for weeks and once we nudged into the top 20 we leased Fair Park in Dallas for our employees and the public to enjoy such a great accomplishment. and as for what's next we are not really looking that far ahead so we will see once we get there.

Has the IT department figured out the issue with the website?

we already announced the problem and we are in the process of hiring somebody more capable to run the IT, so with that said we plan to have it up and running again in the near future.

as you were answering that last question we just found out there's rumors the reason TWC was started was to funnel money away from TW to avoid paying taxes and your CFO was arrested for unknown reasons can you elaborate on this?

No comment and the interview is over!


Today Texas Western would like to let passengers know the IT department is back up and running. we’ve managed to adopt some hamsters and put them to work on hamster wheels to power our Tandy 1000 computer.

https://timmn2002.wixsite.com/texaswestern this is still a WIP and will be updated when I have free time.

As for Texas Western Cargo we are trying a different approach instead of a separate airline we have decide to run it through Texas Western for now. that is until we understand the cargo market better.