Thai Asian Airways

About Thai Asian




After our former Air Thailand had to cease operations, we decided to restart the airline with a new concept and a new name, four month later.


So Thai Asian Airways was founded on October, 31st, 2016 in Bangkok.


Thai Asian Airways started operations from the Bangkok Don Muang airport, with 5 Airbus A 319 aircraft on domestic flights.


Within two month, Thai Asian became the leading airline of Thailand, with currently 217 weekly departures out of Bangkok (DMK) and 833 weekly departures out of Bangkok (BKK), operated by a fleet out of 18 Airbus A 319, 6 Airbus A 320, 4 AVRO RJ 100 and 12 AVRO RJ 85.


Our Aim


We want to offer our customers save, reliable, comfortable and relaxing flights. So we want to invite you, to get to know real Thai hospitality, beginning with the booking of your flight, until leaving our plane at your destination.




To offer our passengers only the best travel options, we only will sign Interlining-Agreements with airlines that offer useful connections to our network.

We want to be your exclusive partner for Thailand.

If you want to cooperate with our airline, please get in contact with us via PN and give us some information about your airline.


Interlining-Offers without any message will be rejected


Sky Alliance




As we are already a member of the great Sky Alliance on the servers Croydon and Ellinikon, together with our partner Philippine Skyways Domestic, we decided to found the Sky Alliance on Meigs, too. So if you are interest in joining this great community, please have a look on the following link: Sky Alliance

Because of the coming changes concerning the Credit consumption, Thai Asian Airways will be deleted by the end of the year. This step is a signal, that I do not agree with the increase of the price for the Performance of the AS-Team in the last year and only empty phrases on the outlook for the next year. I‘m very disappointed with the development of the game over the last years. I will continue the game on Croydon, but if there won‘t be any important changes in the next year I have to consider my future activities within AirlineSim.

I want to thank my partners on Meigs, especially the members of Sky Alliance. I wish you all the best for the future!

Kind regards


Cheers for your time Eric! Lets hope Martin takes note.