The Neil Air Group News

Neil Air Holdings- The holding that owns our airlines and buildings. This is currently Non-profit.

Neil Air- Is our British based airline. We serve main airports only. We serve many Uk airports and we hope to Expand in to Ireland and the Netherlands in the near future. We have a One ATR42-500.

Neil Air Regional- Is a feeder airline for Neil Air we accept interning agreement with european airlines. We have a small fleet of 2 Let 410.

Neil Air PNG- Is one of our overseas airlines. Based in Ports Moresby. We have three Let 410 which serve smaller airports within Papua New Guinea. 

Neil Air Ecuador- Is our second overseas airline. We are a small regional ecuadorian airline. We have Three Let 410.

In the future we hope to launch a new airline.

The new airline will be for Peasants Financially challenged. We will offer flights at knock down price while only violating three categorise of human rights maintaining a LLC type service. The name and base will be decided in the future. The airline will be found from $10,000,000.

Just a warning (I don't even play on Gatow, but this advice goes for all servers), it's not easy (and may not even be possible) to simulate a ULCC or LCC in AirlineSim because this game currently only has 1 type of passenger - the type that is looking for high-end service. They only care about the ORS rating and price only plays a part in that.