The new OMEGA alliance


We are pleased to announce the merger of the SkyGlobe Alliance with the Omega Alliance. The new Omega will become the largest airline alliance in the world. We offer a worldwide network that covers all continents (except Antarctica) and offers excellent connections to every corner of the world.
Great job done by the directors of both alliances af_general and Nerd.

Welcome to OMEGA


Villa la Estrellas (TNM) in Chile technically counts as Antarctica, so go for it :wink:


Very well then, Omega alliance now serving ALL continents.

Penguin sight seeing tour attendees and Antarctica ice core researchers now can catch a regularly scheduled flight operated by Uber Cayua between Asuncion and Villa la Estrellas - flight UBC1627, with a return flight UBC2126 (internally know as the “Penguin Express”).


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:
Well done

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