The purpose of alliances

Hi everyone

I start with stating that i’m not a complete newbie in this game. I play it since a few months and i think i have figured out most of the things. One thing that i cannot understand is the alliances. What is their purpose in this game ? What advantage you have if you join one ?

As i have seen on many alliance descriptions it seems to bring more obligations then benefits: you must synchronize your schedule with others, you must pay attention to whom are you interlining with and so on.

Could someone lighten me up on this ?


Hi there,

I was thinking about joining an alliance in the past, but I failed to see any real benefits for me. However, here are a few I could think of:

  • It might be a good idea if you want to interline with a particular airline, but it keeps rejecting your requests. After joining the same alliance you should get a better response. However, you might have to terminate some interlining agreements with other airlines as a result.

  • If you own a flag carrier and your market is your number one priority, being member of an alliance with stronger airlines that are willing to help you in case of hard competition is a plus.

  • If you prefer cooperation instead of competition, joining the same alliance as airlines that would otherwise be your toughest competitors might be in your interest.

  • You might also be proud if you join an exclusive alliance that lets only the most reputable airlines in.

As you can see, there are some benefits to consider, but all of them might be useless to your airline. The good thing is that AS Team is, AFAIK, aware of this "issue" and they are willing to introduce new alliance system that will add more benefits to membership. As for now, its all about partnership more than anything else.

Also, (future) alliance (co)founders, here’s a tip for you: When introducing your alliance, please don’t just make a boring set of rules and requirements that airlines have to fulfill if they want to join (especially if there are stupid ones like “no Russian aircraft”, etc.). Try convincing people why it would be a smart move for their airlines’ future. And please try not to have a stupid name, boring logo, poor slogan, LQ members and bad English in the introduction…

You can get better help if your airline is struggling when you are starting out. Our alliance at least, WorldWide Alliance is there for you when you are having difficulty or need tips. Any new members can ask questions in our forum and we will usually reply within a few hours and try to help you as much as possible.

Plus interlining and general cooperation is good. Working together can help you achieve a great and successful airline faster. It can affect the planning for the future of your aircraft. Like when I plan to go international which will probably be in a few months I will be flying to Mumbai or somewhere in Asia and plan around other airlines schedules from our alliance to maximize profit from interlining and cooperation.