The Yeager IV game world is now open

We just opened the gates to the latest incarnation of Yeager:

For an overview of what’s new and details on the configuration, head over to the announcement on our blog!

I have noticed that temporary servers are coming alive with a higher frequency now than what it used to happen in the past.
I understand the positive side of it as it opens a lot of possibilities of different game settings (double slots, no night curfew, and so on).

However, in my honest opinion, I believe the negative side of having very few players in the remaining worlds to be the major problem.
When a new world comes to live, a lot of players flock the second newest world to join the newest one, and for me that is a pity, as the human interactions of the game is one of the most interesting things of playing AirlineSim. Playing a temporary world with a lot of people (and thus competitors) is way funnier than playing in a “zombie” world.

I don´t know, call me old or something, but I guess I prefered the old times when temporary worlds would come alive once every 4 or 6 months only…

They are now coming at a higher frequency. This was announced back in April:

But the next re-start of Quimby is still two months away and we’re sure nobody wants to wait that long for a fresh game world :wink: So our general goal is to provide you with a more predictable schedule for short-term game worlds and we decided that we’ll try to have a new launch roughly every two months with those game worlds running for 10 months each time.

I understand your concern. I personally believe that nowadays all the “old” long-term worlds are already congested enough for many to find enjoyable, and while there may be some openings, it’s hard to prosper in the long run, especially in long-haul. I 100% agree with your flocking thing though. I know I and many others want some new long-term worlds to stop doing that and have a chance to succeed :slight_smile: