Thoughts on the Fairchild Dornier 328JET?

I've always found that from route evaluation it makes a profit, and it also has an amazing passenger rating and a small seat number so it's good for less popular routes. However its old age is putting me off as I know it causes a penalty; is it worth it? (I already have some in my airline but flights have not started yet; 'Greenlandic Airlines' in Kaitak).

Also just come back after a moderate break from the game anything I may've missed :P?


I found it was fine to start off with older planes on routes in high demand, but then I'm now trying to get rid of my old planes. I find that the maintenance costs are much higher and my image suffers, which then seems to make it harder to fill my routes.

You might do better with the Embraer - ERJ 135/140/145 range. 

It is a nice small plane in real life. I have seen it many times and flown on it. If you ask me if I would operate it I would say no. Its way too small making it inefficient. Nothing smaller than a CRJ700 is ever needed (except for short runways). Let other take the breadcrumbs there are so many markets open and there is always space to create new markets.