Thursday, August 25th, 2011

We’ve had quite a few reports lately from people complaining about them accidentally deleting their airline because the deletion tool did not work as expected. SInce this is quite a serious issue, I rebuilt the liquidation page from scratch. Not much changed in terms of visuals, except that the confirm-process is similar to the one employed when one wants to delete his user-account in Aquila. Here’s a screenshot:



Under the hood it’s a lot more stable though, now ensuring that it’s always the airline being deleted that was selected when the page was first called. The new deletion page is part of 1.5.8.

"Du hast keine Berechtigung, diesen Anhang herunterzuladen" kommt bei mir immer.

Geht es jetzt?


By request of players who a.) run very large airlines and b.) do not like to sort flight numbers into groups, paging was added to the flight number management screen. Should have positive influence on server load, too. The default number of items per page is set to 50 for now, which can easily be adjusted or made into a custom setting in the future.



EDIT: Of course, this is part of 1.5.8

I mainly use the flight number management screen to find out the next free flight number. As I am also using number ranges that correspond to certain hubs, a typical scenario is "find the next free flight number in the 3xxx range". This would probably require a large amount of clicks in the future.


  • make the paging feature customizable in the airline settings, or

  • implement another method to find a free flight number on the scheduling page (e.g. button: find next free # based on the current number entered in the scheduling page).

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Is it possible to include flight numbers in the search feature? When re-arranging flight numbers, I only get "number taken" and finding that flight can be a bit tedious.