Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Some more airport data updates - will be updated on the current game server within the next few days together with all african airport data updates.


IATA Code fixed for Chlef

Position fixed for Batna

Slots fixed for Adrar, Batna, Bejaja, Constantine, Djanet, El Oued, Illizi, In Salah, Jijel, Oran, Setif, Tamanrasset, Tebessa, Timimuon, Tlemcen, Touggort, Chlef and El Bayadh

Airport size adjusted for Batna

Runway length fixed for Adrar, Batna, Bechar, Tiaret, amd Tindouf

Passenger/cargo numbers updated where available

Removed Airports (new server at the moment): Boussada, El Golea, Mascarra and Mechria

Next country to come (and last one in Africa): Ethiopia

And last african country also finished…


Position fixed for: Asosa, Debre Marqos, Goba, Jijiga, Kebri Dar, Mekane Selam, Neghelli and Tippi

Slots fixed for all airports except of Addis Ababa

Runway length fixed for: Asosa, Dembidoll, Indaselassie, Jijiga, Lalibela and Shillavo

Passenger/Cargo updates for: Addis Ababa, Dessie, Gondar, Lalibela and Mekele (all other airports doesn’t have significant changes)

Airports closed: Beica and Jinka

We will import the data patch on the test server again and a few hours or day(s) later on the existing game worlds.

SK, may I ask when will these things be incorporated in the game? As I operate to the closed airports… What will hapen? Will the routes be deleted? Or…?

The changed will be updated on the existing game server within the next days. Closed airports will remain open on the current game worlds until further notice. Only on new game worlds these airports wouldn’t appear.

Thank you for the information :)

Is there anything new about the new aircrafts?

No, not at the moment.

I gave you a nice -1 for this answer.

IRO""""""But nice to hear african Airports have been updated"""""""""""""NIE . I will give you another -1 tomorrow for your first post. I am completly disappointed I have to wait such long time till new planes will be introduced in Airlinesim. Now I am waiting since four months.

Your age? 12?

its ok, i gave him plus one.

Thanks for the -12 ! WOW ! Never thought I am the only one with the opinion . This is ridiculous. No way ! I am just telling what I am thinking, but usually this is not what anyone wants to hear.

This is btw not the first collision with the AS Team. It s sad

I can´t understand why the new planes are soooo important? There are other problems e.g. the slowly servers…

Actually i would say the Servers of AS are running very fast and there are no problems at all.

You must be kidding …

I think I am playing another game ^^

I think this is the wrong place here to talk about things which don’t affect to the main topic, the airport data ! Please, don’t discuss about how angry you are that it takes so much time, in this and the other topics of the Development Logbook !!

Use the Off-Topic Area !

It’s annoying that the AS Team has to write every day that it’s still not possible to say something new because of some impatient people. I believe they do their best to give us the best result, so stop that shit and wait !

For "No, not at the moment" ?! …

In German:

Das Punktesystem ist wie ein Vorredner schon andeutete tatsächlich lächerlich und nichts anderes als der plumpe Versuch einer latenten Zensur der Posts, um unliebsame Meinungen, am besten schon vor der Äusserung, zu ersticken …

– steht zur negativen Bewertung offen. Hab ja auch nicht "no, not at the moment" gesagt … –

In English: Let it rest guys, at the moment there’s no new information. The new aircraft are going to come eventually. Then when and how are still subject of discussion, a discussion that has not yet been fully completed. When there is something to report, you’ll hear it here. Until then, please understand that the more the question is asked here, the slower it’ll be…

Just a short question about the africa-data. Do you plan to split Sudan and South-Sudan?

No, because there is no relative demand numbers in South Sudan, so we decided not to split Sudan for the time being.