Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Since somebody mentioned it on a previous dev-log-entry I thought I might just get it hacked in on the spot, thereby tremendously minimizing the risk of forgetting about the suggestion ;)

I’m talking about adding the new “flight number finder utilities” - which were added to the flight number management page in 1.5.8 - to the scheduling interface on the aircraft page. It looks like this now:



As you can see, I put my horrible art skills to use and added an icon for the "find first available" tool.

But more important than the feature itself is this: This was the first time I employed our brand-new “hot-deploy feature” (also part of 1.5.8), so you can find the changes I just mentioned on all game worlds already. Let me know whether everything still works as expected ;)

WOW! Danke, insbesondere die Tabelle nach Bereich ist genial!!!

Very nice :D

Works well, congradulations on the considerable upgrade!