ticket prices

I have an idea for improving ticket prices. What about adding a condition that can be selected to only changes prices on flights with LF’s (in the respective classes selected to be repriced) between a certain range. For example I want to increase Economy prices from BWI to anywhere by 3% anywhere the route’s LF was 100% the week before. Now you’d probably want 2 dropdown boxes to enable choosing an upper and lower bound. Would this be possible? Or would this be a tremendous amount of calculation for the server to do?

As I’m sure you are well aware, the developers are (from what I can gather) against automated tools, which would do the job for you. Part of the fun is to determine how high (or low) prices you can take to maximize profits / load factor. Besides the fact, offices page shows you load factor for the past few weeks. All you have to do is raise prices by a few $AS. Wouldn’t take you that long to go thorough 200 or so offices, especially since you can sort based on LF

…not to mention there is a global tool for that (raise all prices by XX).