Time window


I want to know the significance of "Time Window", i understand that it is a time that will take for the passengers to get offloaded and new passengers to hop on and refueling etc.

But i have just scheduled flights with no time window and I get the yellow line underneath the flight plan  but the scheduling is in place and planes will soon fly. what is the affect and impact of this?

You will get delays, pay penalties (both monetary and image) and eventually with enough accumulated delay, flights will get canceled.

whats those green lines on the scheduling table, before the flight number? Last time i played, it was only after the flightnumber, marking the turnaround time. What happens if those greenlines interfering w/ each other?

Green before flight number means turnaround before the flight takes off. On Quimby 5, the turnaround time is split into pre- and post- flight turnaround.

As long as the greens overlay and there is no yellow, you are good to go.

ok ty.

I wonder if a 1-2 mins overlap are cared that much. How we determine the penalty?

A 1-2 mins overlap should normaly not cause big troubles. Try to leave some space in a following flight to catch up the delay.