Tirana Albania in Xiguan

There seems to be no demand in Tirana Albania in the Xiguan world… Whatever flights I start remain empty… Maybe a mistake?

You don’t have flight rights on your route from Bari to Tirana. You have got a Dutch airline, so any flights from an Italian airport can only stay within the EU Treaty zone. Albania is not part of it. So the only way for you to fly to Tirana is from the Netherlands.

doesn’t book in our private world either. SOF to Tirana despite numerous connections

Actually Albania is part of the European Common Aviation Area

The ECAA liberalises the air transport industry by allowing any company from any ECAA member state to fly between any ECAA member states airports, thereby allowing a “foreign” airline to provide domestic flights.

So there is then a mistake in the game

You may say it is a mistake but for AS there is a good reason to have those traffic rights.

And what would that be?

Imagine that a big airline could fly wherever it would like to. With let’s say 2000 planes.
Would a new player with 10 Mio AS$ would be able to compete? If such an airline would just flood all routes with cheap flights?

Interestingly I’ve had the same issue with a Serbian airline on Ellinikon. I was doing BEG-TIA flights (for which I definitely had the traffic rights since my holding aswell as airline was registered in BEG) and the flights to TIA were filling up quite well, while the return flight TIA-BEG was totally empty.

So this indeed seems to be a system glitch.

Traffic rights are not implemented fully. For example in reality LOT Polish Airlines flies from Budapest to USA because of EU-US Open Skies agreement, and that is not possible in game. Some other countries also have similar agreements with EU:

Well but this is the reality. Why implement it for the EU itself and the Yamousoukrou agreement and not for the ECAA? Its a simulation so why doesn’t it simulate reality. The ECAA is the same as the EU only some more countries are signed on to the agreement. Big airlines can in reality also build up a dominant position. This is what airlines like Emirates, Turkish and Ryanair do… that is the nature of the aviation world. They can flood the market but in the end they will still need to make a profit, just as anyone else. I think other tweaks to the simulation would be more important in the game than not implementing the ECAA rules in the game. But I’m happy I know now about this rule… I had just opened a route from Valencia to Algiers but see now this will also not work.

By the way of I understand it correctly, if I open up a subsidiary in Valencia, that one would still not be able to get traffic rights to fly to Algiers because my main airline is based in Amsterdam?

That could maybe have more to do with the connections on those flights… I have the same sometimes on some routes but usually had to do with the times I flew the route and when competing flights operate on the same route

Correct. If you have an holding based in AMS, your traffic rights to / from outside of EU are for Netherlands only.

It would not be possible to match reality within AS. It is the best airline simulation but still it is a simulation. And one thing you may want to think about: if an airline with 2000 or more planes (there are companies with more than 10.000 planes) would be able to fly all possible routes like in reality, do you really believe that you as a new player would be able to fill one of your planes? I can tell you that you would not.
Hence we can be happy that AS has not implemented those rules from reality. At least I am (even being a Krake myself sometimes).

Believe me, I know this game for a bit and it did have absolutely nothing to do with it.

First on the outbound leg I had approx 40% connection pax so still 60% local pax. On the way back I had zero (read: 0) pax. I checked ORS and I was the most convenient flight (also the only non-stop one) and the flight was perfectly timed with my wave, so there would have been plenty of possible connections in BEG aswell.