TLV has a curfew

Could this be modelled in AS as well ?

From the AIP (

Night Flight Restrictions

No restrictions imposed on

  •   aircraft rendering medical assistance,

  •   firefighting aircraft,

  •   cloud seeding flights,

  •   Other exceptional circumstances by prior permission from the CAAI.

    Runway 30 is not available for take-off between 23:00-06:00 local time, unless approved, in excep- tional circumstances, by airport manager.

    Other runways: aircraft shall not take-off between 01:40-05:30 local time during winter and 01:40- 05:00 local time during summer, (definition of winter \ summer according to IATA definitions).

    Despite Para. c) take-off between 01:40-02:00 lo- cal time shall be approved, only in exceptional cir- cumstances, by airport manager,

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