Traffic at Berlin closed airports TXL/SXF

Does anybody know why there is still traffic at TXL/SXF airports, both closed after Brandenburg has opened?

I don’t play in Ellinikon, but my guess is that people were too lazy to reschedule those schedules.

You also had a reduction in overall slots in Berlin - the slots in Brandenburg did not wholly compensate for the slots existing in Tegel and Schonefeld, and a few thousand slots simply did not exist anymore*. I know someone did the math for me… So some people could have gotten left out of Brandenburg on pure slot grounds.

*Not like they don’t exist, they’re still there, it’s just that they only get ground network traffic from Brandenburg…

Still I do not understand how there are still flights operating from/to TXL/SXF, these airports are supposed to be closed by now

On Idlewild Berlin has 4 airports. With Tempelhof still being there. Demand get completely removed from these airports and they are kept. Just deleting them from the game would cause issues for many airlines. Especially if it is a downsize as is the case in Berlin.

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