Traffic Rights and Interlining

I have a question about traffic rights and interlining that I can’t seem to find an answer to.

I know the basics of traffic rights…If my airline is based in the United States, I can’t add domestic flights in Canada and expect to see any passengers.

However, how does that work with interlining partners in regards to what would be considered a semi-Fifth Freedom?

Here’s an example:

Air America and Air Japan are interlining partners.

Air America flies from Los Angeles to Tokyo. The flight then continues to Singapore.

Will Air Japan passengers book the Air America flight from Tokyo to Singapore as part of a connection? ie Will Air Japan passengers from Sapporo fly to Tokyo, then board the Air America flight to Singapore?


Sorry for the late answer :unsure:

No, because you only have trafficrights for the flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo and Los Angeles to Singapore (I suppose, it´s a via flight?). So in the plane there are passengers from Los Angeles to Tokyo and Singapore. And after the stop in Tokyo only passengers from Los Angeles to Singapore are left aboard. You can´t transport passegers from your IL partners in Tokyo.

That is right but there would not be a problem if Air Japan handles NRT-SIN, which can carry its domestic connecting passengers and also those from America.