Traffic rights for holding/parent company

I found myself in a bit of a nasty situation because I just got to know that my parent companies (all within EU) do not have traffic rights to/from non EU countries.
As far as I know in the real world a European airline can open up bases and flights to the States, for instance, without any restrictions. Why isn’t it the case in here?

Thanks for the replies.

As your holding is Italian that is your legal headquarters and where you can fly to and from non-EU countries. You can’t fly from UK or Ireland to the States for example because that’s the rules of the game. It would be ridiculously overpowered if that was allowed in game and I suspect it would lead to total domination of Europe by one or two airlines in long-term worlds.

Quoting ASRouteMap Tutorial ( - As with many aspects, there are some simplifications in the game. While it is possible for airlines to fly from another European country to outside of the EU, these are governed by bilateral agreements. These are not covered in the game, for simplicity as well as reasons to not give EU airlines more advantages than they already have.

Thank you very much for your explanation.

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You too. I hope you find success in the long haul market in Italy!

In that regards shouldnt it be the same for the States then? Base in California => international flights only from California? There is no single country in Europe having such a high passenger demand as California alone, I do not really get the point why Europe would dominate the servers. Additionally if that are the traffic rights it should be represented the same way in the game. Now the rules massively limit Europe and we have airlines from China and the USA dominating the servers. So what? Will there now be restrictions to these regions?

If we had three massive single markets in the game I’d imagine many worlds would become graveyards. Once airlines are established in USA and China, you very rarely see others crop up and penetrate the market, particular if there are limited slots. Europe always offers the advantage that if you survive for a few weeks, your medium-long haul market will be relatively uncontested (and in many ways far better because of old colonial ties, e.g. Spain-South America, France-North/West Africa, UK-India). I think it offers a more unique battleground for airlines to thrive in and is definitely more interesting than basically becoming another USA or China.

The thing is the USA is one country, while the European countries are technically separate, so they can do that. Yeah, Chinese airlines tend to completely dominate longhaul.

As for the original question,

As far as I know in the real world a European airline can open up bases and flights to the States, for instance, without any restrictions. Why isn’t it the case in here?

I’m really confused as to what you mean here. I cannot think of a European airline that has based their aircraft in the US that has operated to anywhere but the EU. Some examples:

  • Norwegian’s bases in America only operate to EU destinations where they already have narrowbody bases.
  • Air France’s LAX only really operates to French destinations (since PPT is still technically France)
  • Qantas’s (I know it’s not EU but) operates its LAX-JFK as a scissor of their Australian feeders. It cannot book people on the t-cons, only continuing traffic from its transpacifics.

AFAIK it’s prohibited for foreign airlines to operate domestic pax in the US under their law.

And yeah, while I would argue the USA and China are overpowered geopolitically in AS, a) there tend to be more airlines and more competition, and b) that’s how it is in IRL anyways.