Traffic Rights of a subsidiary (scissor hubs)

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I know there are similar topics, but I haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for.

Let’s say I own an airline in France. I know that I can operate a scissor hub in, let’s say, Algeria (meaning, transferring people originating in France through Algiers to other African destinations).
But, if I create a subsidiary in Algeria, it will have limited traffic rights - meaning the French rights. But are they exactly the same rights as the parent company’s in France? So, can my Algerian airline with French rights operate the same scissor hub in Algiers, connecting between France and African countries?


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Hello, so if I understand this right you want Sub 1 to be a Sub of Airline A. Airline A will be based in France with Sub 1 being based in Algeria. Sub 1 will have the same traffic rights as Airline A (flights to and from France as well as flights within the EU).

So yes you could use Sub 1 as a scissor hub in Algeria, it wouldn’t make sense. The only reason I would do it would be to add a different fleet type that might better server those routes. Something like the CRJs or EMB2s that might not be worth adding to your main fleet if you have already hit your 3 type free limit.

A French airline can fly to Algeria. Transportation rights are to or from France but not from Algeria to a third country.
A sub is always connected to the holding. Same traffic rights. So a French holding has not traffic rights to fly from Algeria to other countries than France.

But interlinings between parent and sub at the scissor hub (outside France) wont work! That is, pax arriving with parent cannot connect on to your sub at Algiers.

Is the inability to connect due to traffic rights or subsidiary rules?

Because I would imagine the only way for this to work would be to have all planes come in from france and then do stay-on-plane transfers, though I would assume this would not allow for connections between the planes rendering the model useless…

I would recommend if you wanted to to do the scissor hub, it can work well in AS, but not in Algiers, it’s not the '50s anymore unfortunately - France rights means you have many opportunities to do it elsewhere: Saint Pierre for North America, Cayenne for Brazil, Reunion for South/East Africa, any French territory in the Caribbean, etc. The latter two can also combine with a subsidiary to offer more traffic rights, especially if you use CARICOM/Yamoussoukro to your advantage there.
In some of these cases it would not be feasible to do without widebodies but I am sure CS1s would do the hop from CDG or ORY or any secondary city over to FSP, and so would A321neo/LRs to the Caribbean Colonies or Cayenne.

Fun fact, if you do ORY-RUN on A321LR’s performance, the payload is 10kg. It is 1 km shorter than the max range of the plane, CDG is just 12 km too far

I take it that’s because you’re basically creating external connections at a hub located outside your legal home.
Parent serves France-Algiers and sub serves Algiers-Africa => sub is external connection with the offered leg being outside of your traffic rights.
If parent OR sub offes France-Algiers and on Algiers-Africa you create internal connections which is withing traffic rights.

That’s at least how such scissor hubs perfectly worked for me over many years.

the game world of Dominination allows you to make a subsidiary company in Algeria with all traffic rights, since there are other server settings, check it out

Thanks for the responses!

I know this idea doesn’t make much sense, and I am certainly not planning to operate a scissor hub in Algiers, I was just curious about the traffic rights and if it would work the way I imagined it would - and judging from your responses, my idea of it was right. Thanks!

It will work in the Dominination game world