Trans American Express Group

Trans American Express is one of the worlds most valuable and advanced airline groups. We do not only offer excellent scheduled flights, but also aircraft leasing services.

If you are interested in leasing an used aircraft, feel free to contact us. Please note, that we only buy and lease aircraft older than 20 years.

Right now, we offer 3 Boeing 757-200ER (already leased), as well as one Fokker 100 BGW. First come - first serve, so be quick if you want this shiny Fokker to be yours ;)

GOOD NEWS: Another B757-200ER is available for lease NOW! Be the first to get it ;)

Since I already received requests, I want to let you all know, that it is possible to get on a waiting list for the lease of a certain aircraft. Everybody listed there, will be informed as soon as i have the plane and i have put it on the leasing market. So do not hesitate to wright an in-game message to the Trans American Express Group with your aircraft request!

Trans American Express is going public! The IPO started now, and will end Friday 16:27h (CET). Our excellent stock trading and leasing business offers you a great dividend!

Trans American Express geht an die Börse! Der IPO ist jetzt gestartet, und wird bis Freitag 16:27 Uhr (CET, d.h. 17:27 Deutscher Zeit) gehen. Die exzellenten Geschäfte an der Börse und der Neueinstieg ins Leasinggeschäft garantiert weiter hohe Gewinne!

Den IPO finden Sie unter: / You can find the IPO here:


Still offering one Fokker100BGW. Good condition, stored in SEA.

The IPO will end in less than 24 hours! Already reached 99% and the incredible amount of more than 50.000.000 AS$! This makes it one of the largest IPOs so far! Invest now to benefit from this incredible amount of money