Transfer between holding and enterprise

Hi, is there anyone know how (if it is possible) to transfer funds and/or aircrafts between the holding parent company and its enterprises?


It’s not possible to transfer money between the holding and an attached airline at the moment. If the holding has a balance sheet total of more than 50 Mio AS§ you can lease aircrafts to your daughter companies

transfer funds and aircraft to subsidiaries is no problem, if it is from the same holding

just put them for sale, and buy them, if you want be safe with aircraft sale, not sign the contract in advance

Thanks for advice

Can I transfer funds from the enterprise and back to the holding company as well? If yes; how?

Also, if I start a second airline in a different country, will my two airliners be allowed to interline? Or is this no-go?


Splitting that into two:

  1. Yes, but not in a single action. Take your daughter company to the stock market (start an IPO), and every week , 15% of the profits are paid to the share holders, which means that, assuming you don’t sell any more shares, 12% of the profits of your daughter go into your holding. It’s the only way of moving money from your daughter to the holding (other than selling the shares of your IPO-ed daughter).

  2. Yes, but there are a few catches there: For one, you can only do so when both companies are part of the same holding. Interaction between two holdings are forbidden (and technically not possible anyway). The other catch is, two companies under the same holding have the same traffic rights, so a daughter can only operate in the country the holding is in, or a country that has open market access (see country information page).

Just to expand on this a little.

I have an airline going IPO. When the airline is done does the money from the sale of the 20% shares go to the enterprise(my airline) or the holding?


when people invest in your airline, your airline gets the money. Just like you put money from your holding in that airline when you created it.

And when your airline is on the stock market, your holding owns 80% of the shares. If you sell part of that 80%, the money goes your holding.