Transfer flight issue?


I scheduled a few transfer flights on different aircrafts,

Arrival time is long overdue but they are still displayed as inflight.

Anyone has the same problem?

Yes, I did... I had a plane on Fornebu going MH370 way

that was on February 26, 2 days past the supposed arrival time

After several weeks, after switching to AS 6.2, it finally arrived.

I guess you will need to wait till AS 6.3 is released :o :o :o

 .....or maybe a server restart could do. Send a ticket to support.

Oh sorry, i´ve overlooked this topic. Same problem for me on Pearls with several flights, see here my entry at  "Server Status":

I have the same problem on Meigs. My brand new 739 should've arrived at 07:20 this morning from the factory but it's still inflight apparently

Let's wait and see, as Martin wrote in Fornebu Transfer Flight thread, the aircraft should depart normally for its first scheduled flight.

It has started in elinikon as well.