transfer flight schedule to new aircraft

Hello friends

I want to transfer my flight schedule to a new aircraft and cancel the contract of the old aircraft what is the procedure for this as i am changing my aircraft to airbus 

You are changing from which plane to. airbus?

  1. First install the seats and assign pilots to your new plane.
  2. Go to the old flight plan and select the new airplane in the select field below the plan.
  3. Select the speed override option as desired and error level.
  4. Transfer the flight plan
  5. Check the new plane if the MX ratio is still above 100% and if you have any red flights or yellow overlaps in DTA. If so, fix those.
  6. Cancel the lease contract on the old plane

Bombardier CSeries 100 to Airbus

Thank you Captain for your guidance and assistance

That should be straight forward. In rare cases, the difference in speed might cause the flight to end in a different time slot, so just use the speed override.

With the new variable DTA you might also have different ground times due to the different seat count.

Alternatively, continue using the CS100 by redeploying it to a new route instead of cancelling the lease.  It's handy to have a smaller aircraft type in your fleet to test new routes, or to handle flights which may not fill up an entire A32x aircraft.  You've already spent some time building up your pilot's happiness, and by cancelling the lease, you write off the value of the installed seats.