Transfer of New Aircraft


It is my understanding that it is currently not possible/legal to schedule a transfer flight for aircraft that are in production.

I would suggest that the feature be implemented that when an aircraft is in the ‘production’ phase you should be able to determine where the aircraft is to be delivered post completion, it just makes sense.

For example, my airline (not to mention ME) is based in Australia. I order a brand new aircraft at 03:00 P.M. local real time. This aircraft happens to be produced in Canada, 12 hours later it pops out of the onto the tarmac. It is now 03:00 A.M. local real time. It could be hours, or perhaps days before I am able to schedule that crucial transfer flight to get to my shores which in turn will most likely take several days to complete.

We all know time is money, especially in AS. It’s hard to justify a plane sitting on the tarmac in another country with no purpose when it should already be en-route to it’s base of operations!

Just a thought.



has my support! :rolleyes:

+1 for this feature

I would also agree that advace booking for transfer flight should be added.

By the way, almost all old aircraft purchase/leasing will have to transfer the aircraft back to home country from Canada, it is somewhat unfair for airlines based far away, it take ages before the aircraft can put into service, especially with smaller aircrafts.

It may not be a problem for larger established airline, but could take the pressure time for a newly establish airline waiting to start first flight. I would also suggest to creat a few more leasing companies, at least in Europe and Asia, to spread the ideling aircraft so players can choose weither to wait a long transfer for the exact ideal aircraft or take a closer one to put into service quickly.


Often discussed and … oh well - it’s on our production list but not within the next few months ;)