Transfer time for domestic/international

In reality, transfer time in the hub to domestic and international flight is usually different. Transfer to international flight may require additional time for custom clearance and baggage re-drop.

I would like to see something like following in the game world:

transfer time: 00:45 (domestic) 1:00 (international)

Technically, this may introduce a sign/flag to mark if the flight was domestic or international and apply different transfer time there.

If this suggestion has been posted before, then my fault to re-post it and you may ignore it.

Something like this is on our list of ideas but I doubt that we’ll get to implement it any time soon.

Just a detail, there are actually four statistics:

D/D, I/D, D/I, I/I…

It is a really big bag of worms when you think about it. Because there is Pre-clear into the US from some cities and the Schengen and non Schengen in Europe.

It a lot of data to process.