Translated forum content

I was wondering if it would be possible for the english users to see a translation of the content in the german forums and vice-versa. Also enabling the search to include the translated material would greatly enhance the forum effectiveness.

How do you imagine this to work?

I donno maybe u could use some translation engine and index key words from amongst the translated content to enable search on them and link to the german/english forum. Obviously either forum would be displayed using the appropriate translation. I am not sure how accurate eng to ger translation engines are available but many eng to spanish are available (ofcourse not free) which are very accurate and regularly used in a lot of american companies to let them hire non english speaking personnel.

I am not sure about the costs but yes it will be a bit of work…

Use Google Chrome and use its translator for the whole page… lol :D …but btw, wouldn’t make a translator in the forum itself destroy the seperation in DE, EN, NL and PT? I don’t understand PT and could just imagine what NL could mean… :D