Transporting Used Aircraft


I'm very new to this game, but from what I can tell, it looks fantastic!

Anyway,  I have leased some aircraft used, but they are obviously not at my home airport, so my question is, how do I transport these aircraft to my home base to commence operations?


Under the aircraft’s schedule, you can transfer it to any station in your network.

Also, after you create schedule and activate it, once the first flight is booked the aircraft will be transferred automatically to the first flight’s station. But for this to happen the aircraft must have pilots assigned and have current maintenance condition over 51%.

Thank you!

I'm not sure if I have pilots assigned. How can I check?

Under the fleet list or says Pilots, it will say yes or no.

Also if you click each aircraft it will say whether it has pulps or no, and then you will see a button tag says assign pilots if you have no pilots assigned, or unas sign pilots if you have already pilots assigned.