Hey guys I have a question for those running this aircraft. I’m trying to go with an all modern fleet for the cargo biz. I’ve done cost comparison calculations between the different cargo aircraft of that class, IE b737-7C, TU-204-100/Tu-214c, and the 204 seems to be the best aircraft for the job. My question is if it’s still able to make money. There are a lot of destinations I’d like to hit that are farther out than the 727 can go and not sure if big enough to support a 767.

To anyone that has operated these aircraft what were your experiences going 3000-4000km with it? Doable or better off going with something else?

You can easily make money with any of the named types. I had a large fleet of Boeing 737-700C, later adopted the Tu-214C because it’s just the largest member of the TU group and so; more cashflow, more capacity, more transfer possibilities = more money. :)

Ok thanks. The 737 had quite a bit more operating cost per cargo unit so I’m staying away from that one at all cost.

…but the turn arround time is min. 15min longer than a 737

That doesn’t really mean much to me if one cost 2.7mil to lease vs 2.4mil and carries 175units vs 240.

Well…when you can fly 2 ( Tupolev ) or 3 (737) turns per day on the same route…so for me this is realy much :lol: