Looking into thin medium - long haul, most people go for 737-900ERs, A319/20/21 etc. However the TU-204, mainly the 300 and 100 version seems to be always overlooked, despite on the front of it, being quite competitive. You do the aircraft evaluation tool, compare prices and capacity it could be looked as a good cheap alternative to the Boeing or Airbus options. Is there a "guide" or opinion on the TU-204, and why its not as popular as the others? 

Production time is much longer. If you don’t find TUs on the used market, you have to wait.

exactly. if the situation allows you to build up slowly the TU-204 is an option. the 300 version e.g. works relatively well on transatlantic routes

Just seen 1/144 hours?!? That's insane :/ Other than that though its alright by the looks of it.

Having used the 204 many times, I can confirm that she’s a great aircraft. She has two failings and one potential failing.

The failings are, as stated above, long wait times, and they need a lot of runway as well. The potential issue is fuel. Right now they are very competitive, but if fuel goes up high again they are real pigs on fuel.

Cheers for the responses.