Tuesday, October 11th 2011

It’s no big news I got for you today, but any news is good news after this awfully long hiatus.

I’m slowly but surely ramping up to get busy with some AS dev-work again. There’s still a lot of work left on “the other project” (more details on that soon), but I will be able to squeeze in more AS-stuff over the coming weeks.

So to get started, today I did some clean-up work to make the set-up of the whole development environment required to develop, build, test and deploy AirlineSim a bit less complex. Since time is scarcer than ever, I want to spend as little of it for annoying maintenance work going into utilities. The overall goal is to simplify the build- and deployment-process to such extend that deploying a "small change" to all productions servers with the click of a few buttons and - most importantly - without too many pitfalls will be possible. Though more details on this endeavour will follow in another announcement soon.