Turnaround times / Cargo loading

Just a thought about the cargo loading times and the impact on the turnaround times.

At the moment there are 3 options to choose, which help adjusting the turnaround times: Yes cargo, no bulk and no cargo. On certain aircrafts like the 737 Series, it is either Yes cargo or No cargo.

It would be nice to be able to adjust the amount of maximum Cargo to the turnaround time available instead of doing this the other way around. Or at least to have a more sensible grading method (Severall minutes instead of 40-45 minutes as the only option).

Suggestion option A:

Allow an option in Flight planning, which will reduce automatically the amount of possible cargo per flight according to the turnaround time available

Suggestion option B:

Allow an option in Flight planning, which will synchronize the amount of possible cargo to the time needed of the other ground activities (Minimum Ground Time)

Suggestion option C:

Allow an option in the Inventory, to adjust the amount of cargo per flight number manually. Maybe in ten percent steps. In addition to, or instead of the current cargo setting options

Just a quick thing: I think you mean the A320… the 737 is the narrowbody that can pull off the no bulk thing and carry decreased cargo

I don’t like the idea, it would be incredibly unrealistic.

Even in the real world you can not really estimate how long the loading of bulk cargo is gonna take, it can be vastly different based on the type of cargo, whether it needs to be lashed down etc.

So when an airplane comes in late and we need to perform a quick turnaround, we just ask the airline beforehand whether they prefer to take the cargo and possibly get more delay or whether they would like to shave off some delay but leave the cargo behind. It’s quite binary.

Source: Used to be a flight dispatcher/turnaround coordinator.